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Praying With The Paidirean

Praying With The Paidirean This CD is a guide to both the history and "myth-story" of the Paidirean - the traditional prayer beads of the Céile Dé.

It also includes step-by-step instructions, describing several powerful ways, that use both breathing and visualisation, to pray with the beads.

The CD also teaches two Gaelic Paidirean prayers.

An ideal in-depth accompaniment to the simple introductory leaflet that comes along with every Paidirean we ceremonially create and bless for you.

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The Marriage of Heaven and Earth

The Marriage of Heaven and Earth This powerful and beautiful devotional practice is much loved by followers of the Tradition, but has also had a powerful impact when shared with others, so we thought we would share it with you.

Designed to both open the heart and to reconcile all percieved dualities, the meditation is led by an Order member.

A CD containing a simple yet beautiful guided meditation, over 20 minutes in length.

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Iona Essence - Sacred Celtic Harp Music

Iona Essence - Sacred Celtic Harp Music An Album of original Celtic harp music for contemplation. Inspired by the Isle of Iona and other sacred places in the Celtic lands, some of the tracks were recorded live with the sounds of nature and harp strings in sacred communion. At the heart of this CD is "Iona Essence Meditation", a 20-minute piece, recorded as it was being received through inspiration at The Well of Eternal Youth on Iona.

Julie Darling is a member of our Muinntir. Her soul-life has always been at the heart of every note she plucks, as is evident in this heart-felt recording. To learn more about Julie's work with the harp, please visit her website - www.spiritualharp.com

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The Language of Birds - by Fiona Davidson

The Language of Birds -  by Fiona Davidson "The combined richness and power of spoken word, story, song, harp and mystery spring eternal through the seemingly effortless art of Fiona Davidson. A modern bard, she draws on Scots/Irish/Gaelic legends and language with stories such as "Deirdriu of the Sorrows" and "The Call of the Fianna" as well as some of her own original tale-telling to delight both the ear and the imagination. Confined to the distancing purity of the CD format, the ultimate power of shared-experience storytelling is difficult to reproduce without the benefits of a live storytelling session recording when that intimate audience/performer relationship blossoms. However, this drawback is overcome by Davidson's choice of song and story, her entrancing sense of pace and her splendid delivery."

Review by John Rice - The Living Tradition magazine

An album of Celtic Harp, Song and Legend. Before joining our Order, Fiona was a touring Bard. Each legend is accompanied by the harp, in the style of the ancient bards. There is also a traditional song between each story.

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