Please make a DonationDeercc is  an ancient Gaelic word that means Love of God; carrying the sense of both God's Love of us and our Love of God, it also describes what we do for each other, out of Love. 

As setting a price for the support of someone's spiritual life has always felt uncomfortable to my heart, my work places me in an area I inhabit wish to mindfully at all times. I ask that you help me in this by calculating how much you pay based on what you can reasonably afford. If no amount of money is possible for you at this time, please send me a wee note of thanks instead; there is real sustenance attached to such words!

I hope that the Deercc to which I feel called has served your inner life; thank you for the Deercc that makes it possible.

With gratitude.. 
Sr Fionntulach 

In return for anam chara talk(s) or teaching support from Sr Fionn

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