Céile Dé Prayer Beads - St John's Cross

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This is a stunning piece. It is a double-sided and completely faithful representation of the St John's cross that stands before St Columba's Shrine on the Isle of Iona.

The original caste of this heavy silver cross was created by the legendary Iona silversmith Alexander Ritchie a hundred years ago; the tradition remains in the family line; the original casts are still being used by Mhairi Killin of AosDana Silversmiths on Iona. The antique-finished cross bears the exclusive Iona hallmark


St John Cross with horn beads

St John Cross with horn beads In keeping with the truly Celtic feel of this paidirean, the beads are made of polished cow horn; a favourite material for prayer beads in ancient times.

The overall length of this paidirean is such that it reaches down to the solar plexus.

Bead size - approx. 5mm wide.
Cross size - 70 mm long x 35 mm wide.

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